Monday, July 18, 2011

Fiesta, Fiesta!

Happy Monday! This has been quite a relaxing weekend and I was able to enjoy some delicious meals, pool time, nights out with friends, the world cup game and finally got in some blogging. Last weekend we had a surprise party for my boyfriend's 30th birthday and it was such a blast! Shockingly we actually pulled off the surprise - including his fam flying in from out of town - which was the best part (although quite stressful since I am the world's worst liar)! Since he looooves Taco Bell Mexican food we had a Mexican-themed bash aka Fiesta de Blannin, complete with a margarita bar, taco station, a nacho cake, and costumes - party shirts, sombreros and fake mustaches. A huge thank you to all of the family and friends who helped make this party such a blast! 

The Birthday Boy!

Making the fiesta desserts was quite an adventure! I found a pretty great tutorial for Chili Pepper Cake pops here and used a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate frosting and cayanne pepper chocolate to add an extra kick.  Continuing my foray into cake decorating, I made a cake that looked like a plate of Taco Bell nachos! Since nachos are supposed to be a big cheesy mess, this was great since it was pretty difficult to mess up. 

For the cake and the frosting I used one of my favorite recipes from Rachel Ray, Lime Margarita Cake which tastes like a delicious and refreshing margarita. (I cheat this recipe just a bit and use white cake mix out of the box as a base, which is MUCH faster and tastes just as delicious!)
Nacho toppings
Tomatoes: Swedish fish
Lettuce: Shredded coconut tinted green
Tortilla chips: Yellow fondant mixed with crushed oreos
Cheese: White chocolate colored yellow, melted into a block and shredded
Sour cream & guac: Frosting

The awesome dude at Taco Bell gave me some extra burrito wrappers to make this look extra authentic!


  1. oh my god!!! you are so talented and so creative! what an awesome themed party!

  2. Ok, you win! This is amazing. That cake is insane!

  3. Wowzers - one lucky man! This is incredible (and gives me great ideas for my husband's 30th in December!)

  4. Would you be kind enough to break down the cake batter components that you adapted from R Ray's lime margarita cupcake recipe. What to leave in... and what to leave out? I bet I am not the only reader who would like to follow the recipe you adapted. Thanks!

  5. For the cake I followed the directions on the box of cake mix, and then added lime juice (2 table spoons) and grated peel of 2 limes per RR's recipe. I followed her frosting recipe as is. Hope this helps!

  6. Looks fantastic! I love the decorations in the yard, so cute! And the cake looks delicious.

  7. Too cute! So fun and colorful and everything looks delicious!

  8. this cake is unbelievable! kuddos BIG time.

    and the party looks like it was a blast...gotta love any reason to wear fake mustaches. i think we should bring them back...tom selleck style?

  9. that cake is so awesome, i LOVE IT! thanks for sharing, looks like you had a great time! =)

    xx sharon/lemonontherocks

  10. Loving this festive decor!!! You are genius for making that nacho cake!! So clever!! I bet it was just deeelish!!

  11. I love cakes that look like other food and this is might be one of the best I have ever seen! So creative!!



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