Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Dinner Parties

Well this sure has been quite a welcome to New York. Between an earthquake, Irene and realizing that a Corona costs $10 in this town, it has been quite a shocking first week here. I have been insanely busy with orientation, have met more amazing people than I ever could have imagined, and despite my current state of exhaustion, it has been an absolute blast thus far!

To kick off starting school, we had an amazing boat ride and dinner party on Ellis Island. 
How gorgeous is this sunset? 

The city shutting down for the entire weekend was a blessing in disguise in my book since I watched 6 movies got some much needed relaxation and got to spend some great quality time with the fam. I forgot how much I have missed Mom's home cooked meals!

Hopefully anyone who was affected by the storm is safe and sound.
Happy week!


  1. awww it's great you got to have some of mom's cooking while the weather was dreary outside!

  2. Glad you had a great weekend with Ginny and Joe, I was definitely spoiled spending a week on vacation with my parents and thought about moving back into Chateau Shivers! Miss you!

  3. That dinner looks so delicious! I wants some.

  4. new york is indeed expensive! glad it's going well!

  5. gorgeous photo of a NYC Sunset!

  6. What a gorgeous photo of that sunset!! And I know what you mean, I think a power outage and rainy day was exactly what I needed to force myself to relax :)

  7. That is a crazy welcome, but at least you have a great story for the kids! Great photos too. :)

  8. Glad that you're ok and that NY survived Irene. That sunset is perfection, I love it! Have a great Monday!

  9. hurricane parties really are one of the best kind of parties.
    xo emily


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