Monday, August 22, 2011

{Welcome to NYC} Weekend in photos

Happy Monday! This past weekend was my first weekend as an official New Yorker (again). Even though I left Columbus in tears on Thursday, I ended up having a fantastic weekend getting myself reacquainted with my new home. Between tours of the neighborhood from my temporary roomie (aka Mom), dinner with friends, a movie and a visit from Ashley.  Oh and did I mention the shopping!?! Went a little too crazy on Saturday...this place is going to be severely dangerous for my very limited student budget. Such a fun weekend and I can't believe it is Sunday night already. My last night before I am officially an MBA student! Scary. Anyway, here are a few photos from around the neighborhood this weekend. 

My new backyard

A little welcome present from Mom & Dad - some NYC essentials 

Quintessential NYC shot

Sky high sunflowers on the High Line

Union Square farmer's market

A night on the town with Ashley at Ofrenda in the West Village. BEST. ENCHILADAS. EVER.
(Love my new lace shorts from Free People)!

Sunday breakfast on the roof deck

As I'm writing this post it's Sunday night and I'm relaxing on the couch missing my man and my pup, but I am very excited for my first day of orientation at NYU tomorrow!
Here we go grad school, let's do this.


  1. I am 1000% jealous! I love NYC and starting grad school at NYU sounds so much better than my office desk that awaits me tomorrow. Good luck on your first day!

  2. I seriously cannot get enough of your photos! Again, I'm SO jealous you got some time with Ashley--and seriously, I'm reconsidering the whole "I can never live in NYC" thing after this post. Happy first day of school, pretty lady! You're going to rock it! xoxo {av}

  3. love the photos of my hometown city and your blog!

  4. cute pics and I love the welcome basket your dad gave you! What a sweetie!

  5. So fun, great photos!! Good luck at Orientation!

  6. your photos are gorgeous! loving that sunflower! :] -- i am trying to do the link-up too, just i don't have an iphone {only ipod touch} -- so i am not sure how to load them! haha oh well.

    but lovely photos girl!

  7. Loving each and every picture of NY... Times Square and Union square market (especially) are making me miss working in this city.

    P.S. Next time you're at Union Square, get the sourdough hard pretzel pieces. AMAZING.

  8. hello there!!! i am a new follower and so thrilled i found your blog. and NYU grad school? dang girl, you are INCREDIBLE! keep reaching for the stars.

    happy weekend!

  9. love our photo!!! loved our dinner!!! miss you!! nyc trip soon?? any plans the night of 10/15?? xo


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