Monday, September 19, 2011

A {Modern} Family Affair

So excited the Emmy's were on last night! A much needed fix for my red carpet withdrawal. The Emmy's are one of my favorite award shows, its like watching all of my besties hanging out together at one big party. Loved it! There were so many ladies and gents that looked absolutely gorgeous last night. 

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Claire Danes. Not one to typically outshine the others, she looked drop dead gorgeous in this beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown. Understated yet elegant. Loving the black and blue sequins.

Gweneth is 100% fabulous ALL. OF. THE. TIME. Even with her midriff exposed at a formal affair. 

Jennifer Carpenter. Wowza. I am so used to seeing her in those lady suits she is always wearing on Dexter, it is strange to see her all dressed up but she looked amazing! The dress and the hair are perfection. I might be slightly biased since Dexter is probably the best show on tv, but I'm okay with that. Now, how can I get my hair to look like this on a daily basis? 

Va va voom. While Sofia Vergara always seems to go for the same sex pot look, it sure does work for her. Those emeralds earrings! PERFECT.

Blech. Julianna is that a dixie cup you're wearing? This dress may have worked on someone a little more out there, but she is far too tame to try something like this.

I love that Heidi is wearing a design of a Project Runway alum! Bravo. However, I am not at all loving this dress. She is a walking coral reef.

Girls of Glee...stick to singing and cheerleading outfits. Glaming it up is apparently not your thing. All of these dresses just looked like they were trying way too hard.


  1. I LOVE that you said, "its like watching all of my besties hanging out together at one big party" Made me laugh :)

  2. I loved the fashion last night. The show, on the other hand was a bore!

    Stop by for a visit soon...


  3. I loved Claires too...I just wish it was about an inch higher at her boobs. It looks like it's about to fall down!

  4. Claire looked amazing. love her dress!

  5. pretty sure we're the only two people on the planet who loved gwen's crop top!

    love the blog, btw

  6. i am saving that jennifer carpenter picture to bring to the hair salon and get ombre hair. i should probably wait until the bangs grow out but i want it now! miss you girl!!


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