Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh How I've Missed You!

Hello friends! Well it's no secret that I have been an absolutely terrible blogger lately, so let's kick this post off with a big, fat apology. This past month has been one wild ride as I try to re-acclimate myself to life as a student and to a brand new crazy city. With that, my personal life has pretty much set up shop on the back burner.  My diet (in which pizza has quickly become a staple), my workout routine (essentially non-existant these days) and this blog have been painfully ignored. Not to mention that I have barely been able to keep up with all of my daily favorite sites! I feel like I have missed so much. Now that I am somewhat back in the groove of a daily routine, I am really hoping to get the rest of my life back in order pronto. And I am hoping to reconnect with so many of you! This weekend I took a much needed vacay back to Columbus and have spent the past few days relaxing and catching up on life outside of school. It has been awesome. 

So happy to be here.

Doing this all day long.

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  1. love the ohio love in this!
    xo emily

  2. just posted the ohio on tumblr yesterday!

  3. please know that i will never-ever judge someone for falling off the face of the blogerverse.... i drift there a lot actually. (and i get a ton of crap done while i'm out there, too.) :) welcome back!


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