Friday, September 2, 2011

Off to the beach!

Happy long weekend! I cannot believe labor day is here and summer is already over! It has been quite a wild ride this summer with a move, a new home, a new school and lots of new friends. These past two weeks have been the busiest I have had in a long time and I am just so happy to be spending the next 4 days relaxing in the sand on Long Beach Island. Nick and Bromley are coming to visit and I could not be more excited for our little family reunion! Bring on the seafood, the sunshine and of course the beachy cocktails. Happy Labor Day!


  1. Have fun at LBI! We are going to DC for the weekend and our hotel has a rooftop pool! Im super excited!

  2. Have so much, that is such a great place to celebrate!
    xo emily

  3. Cutest pictures :) Have a great time!!

  4. Looks like a blast! The beach never disappoints!

  5. we need updated!!! pictures from your beach weekend? instagramed perhaps ;)


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