Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 What is everyone going to be for Halloween?! This is always one of my favorite holidays, and I absolutely love getting dressed up.  This year however I am seriously lacking in the costume idea department! I am a big fan of making my costume, so I am quickly running out of time. I am hoping for a creative epiphany sometime soon,  but at least I can get in the spirit with a crackle manicure and some fashionably decorated IKAT pumpkins. Love!


  1. i love that ikat pumpkin!! we get lots of trick or treaters at our house, so we'll probably have our friends over to watch the cute little ones in their costumes hehe :)

  2. Those pumpkins are too cute and I'm loving the crackle nail combo!

  3. I have no idea :( I really need to start thinking. But I do love that Ikat pumpkin and I'm so excited to meet you! yay!!!

  4. loofa (sp?) just wrap yourself in toole! Also, come to philly this weekend :)

  5. I am adoring those ikat pumpkins! I still haven't officially made plans for halloween, but I'm hoping to dress up for sure!!

  6. This is what I'm going as to DJ a family-fun halloween party!



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