Monday, October 31, 2011


Trick or Treat?! A little black and orange inspiration to kick off your week. We are celebrating a bit of a white Halloween here on the east coast, definitely a first as far as I can remember! I spent Saturday night cooking with friends and watching scary movies which was quite perfect. A cat mask similar to the below was about as far as I made it for a costume this year, but I did see some excellent creativity out and about on the streets of NYC this weekend! (Excluding the 87 girls dressed as black swan). What was your favorite costume?


  1. ohh i love these! i wish i would have thought of those nails!

    and i would die if i had that skirt. i would wear it everywhere! maybe.

  2. Cool pics! Those nails are awesome- i wish I could do something like that! I didnt really see any good costumes this weekend! Maybe tonight?

  3. that manicure is amazing. love your blog - just found it via the blogger blitz page - new follower! looking fwd to meeting you next sunday!


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