Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I am off to the Hamptons this weekend for the bachelorette party of my best friend Caroline! I cannot believe we are celebrating her wedding. It seems like just last week we were having sleepovers in her basement talking about boys, learning the tricks of the perfect make out from the pages of cosmo, and going to parties that our mothers definitely would not have approved of! I am so excited for a fun weekend at the beach and even more to be part of this amazing time in her life! Oh yeah and her fiancee Gordon is pretty awesome too. Love you guys!!!


  1. Sounds like you're going to have an amazing weekend. Have the best time! I expect a full report on Monday, jk. :) But seriously, I'm sure you'll get some amazing photos.

  2. Thanks, Kris, for making the weekend AMAZING!! Could spend the whole day crying about how sad I am it's over!!!! Love you!


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