Thursday, May 26, 2011

Singing the Praises of All Saints

I first discovered All Saints when I was living in London my junior year of college and the brand has recently been making its way into the fashion scene here on this side of the pond. The architecture of the beautifully designed stores is absolutely amazing! Walking into an All Saints feels like you have walked into a totally awesome Brooklyn loft that also doubles as a saloon in the wild wild west. An open airy space with lots of wood and metal, a wall of vintage singer machines, giant wooden doors and just all around gorgeous fixtures, it really is so well done. I am almost more intrigued by the store design than the clothes!

But not completely...I'm still a sucker for great fashion design. The style of design is extremely conceptual and their designers sure do know their way around a dress form since every piece is so intricately draped and structured. Rooted in music and art, the brand has sharp tailoring, the softest knits and beautifully washed leathers.Their style is definitely not for everyone, but their dresses and shoes have definitely got my attention! My Vala pumps are probably my favorite pair of shoes in my closet, and these pieces would be a nice addition. 

This collection of Aztec inspired embellished dresses and skirts is amazing! The beads, the sequins, the colors and patterns! Ahhh that dress, I die!


  1. feeling way too excited about those pumps!

  2. I am a total All Saints addict!! Their stores are so beautiful that you can't not go in! I am also convinced that they are leading trend setters (I am sure they started the whole combat boot trend that is still raging here)

  3. I'm a late-comer to the All Saints fan club but I do love their unique sense of style. I like that most of their pieces have a bit of edge.

  4. I literally walked by All Saints yesterday and my coworker had to pull me out of the doorway...budgetary restrictions :(

  5. Wow. LOVE the aztec prints! I have heard of this store but have never really given it a second look. Now I will be sure to check it out!


  6. Oh how I've loved All Saints for quite a while but had never seen inside any of their stores and may I say WOW! That wall of vintage singer sewing machines takes my breath away!! I can not wait to make a trip just to go and see this store. {love your blog- newest follower}

  7. Their UK shops are amazing, they're all really unique spaces. Good to have them here too, those Aztec skirts are amazing. I'm relieved they're sold out in my size otherwise I'd be trying to find ways to justify spending $300 on a sparkly patterned miniskirt...


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