Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Off The Wall

Happy Tuesday! I spent this past weekend with my girlfriends in Sag Harbor, NY in an ahhhhmazingly ridiculous house that belonged to the Aunt of one of my friends. This ultra modern dream house was absolutely gorgeous - minimalist style with lots of white played off rustic wooden floors and super sleek furniture - definitely one of the nicer houses I have been a guest in! Since the house was so stark, it left plenty of room for my imagination to run wild with decorating ideas and would be the perfect canvas for the design feature I am currently loving - painted ceilings! All of my ceilings in every home I have ever lived in have always been white and I am not quite sure why I have always ignored this surface. Painting the ceiling is a great way to add dimension to a space and really brighten things up. I especially love pop color ceilings played off of neutral walls or stark white cabinets. Here are some of my favorite inspirations for painted ceilings in an array of vibrant hues.


  1. oh my god!!! design-gasm! i love these painted ceilings so much, you have no idea! especially the aqua kitchen and yellow living room!

  2. wow. some bright ones in there!

  3. love painted ceilings! i want everyone of my rooms to have a different color one day! including stripes!!!!

  4. Love these images! The pink kitchen is to die for. Love your blog!

    Thanks for checking out Luella & June!

  5. post pictures of your wild weekend!

  6. Say hello to what my boyfriend will be doing once we move :)

  7. I seriously didn't realise how much I needed a lime green ceiling with white trim until I saw that picture above!!


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