Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beach Party

In my book Memorial day weekend is the official start of summer. Bring on the half-day Friday's, BBQ's, concerts, weekend get-a-ways and beach days! Spring seems to have just past us right by here in Columbus and the wintry rain we've been having the past few months has quickly turned into sunshine and 85 degree days. Which is AWESOME. Even though my job requires me to have swimsuits on my mind all year round, this time of year has got me seriously craving some new beach wear! Two brands I am crushing on this season are Sea Folly and Princesse Tam Tam. Their suits are adorable and their look books make me want to get myself to the beach as soon as possible (and also to the gym)!

Sea Folly

Princesse Tam Tam

Images via Sea Folly & Princesse Tam Tam


  1. i absolutely love that striped bandeau! and her cute straw hat and beach hair! :)

  2. Want that striped one...with the hat too! Clearly I completely agree with Marissa. Ha.

  3. HELLO summer indeed. love that black and white striped suit! xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!

  4. Know and love Sea Folly but will def check out Princesse Tam Tam. Love the inspiration... now I must hit the gym (and the nearest spray tan salon).

  5. These are all FANTASTIC swimsuits that I would love to wear! I need to workout this afternoon, thanks for the reminder :)

  6. LOVE these princess tam tam suits. marloes horst looks divine in them. if only i had that bod!


  7. YAY for summer!!! I love that striped one with the notch...CUTE! This is a fantastic reminder of why I am practicing healthy eating & exercising more regularly :)

  8. I love the sea folly suits!!! Where do they sell them?


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