Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Post: The Pink and Blue Blog

Hi Everyone! My name is Ms. Pink from The Pink and Blue Blog and I am so thrilled to be here today. Summer is my favorite time of year so when Kristin asked me to come over to guest blog, I knew instantly that my topic would have to be about all things summer! Iv’e always said my blog is a “love letter” to the life I live with my husband Mr. Blue, so I thought I’d give the Ten Scenic Drive readers a glimpse into some of our summer essentials. 

1. Outdoor Parties. Hopefully wherever you are, you’re fortunate enough to have great summer weather! I live in Southern California, so when summer comes along it’s a rarity that we eat any meals indoors. There is nothing like dressing up your backyard, cooking a gorgeous meal and eating under the stars. 
2. Camping Trips. I should clarify that I don’t really “camp” (much to my husbands disappointment) I glamp- where glamour meets camping! It’s my version of “compromising”... he gets to make a tent and roast marshmallows, but I get my air mattress, running water and *fingers crossed* a bathroom (I mean that’s not too much to ask, right?!)
3. Beach Breaks. I live a few blocks from the beach, so dipping my toes in the water isn’t always a “special occasion” but it never fails to make my day. I think no summer could be complete without beating the heat in some form of body of water. 

4. Bikinis. From the months of June-September you wont find me without a at least one bathing suit in my bag/car/or even under my everyday clothes. 


5. Pizza. I mean. Come on. Pizza is good anytime of year, but its especially spectacular during the summer season, I don’t know why- but I am pretty sure there is something scientific about it. ;)
I hope you enjoyed some of my summer faves, feel free to stop over and say “hi” to me over at The Pink and Blue Blog to see my other daily inspirations about food, fashion, design and fun things that fascinate! 

Ms. Pink


  1. how cute! i love the pink bikini and that gorgeous campsite! if my tent looked like that you'd see me camping much more often! can't wait to check out pink and blue!

  2. How glorious! Those are the kind of outdoor party's I'm talkin about! ;)
    Stringed lights, patterned blankets and a beautifully displayed pizza!

  3. so adorable, i love that pink bikini! and the outdoor picnics... yesss please! xoxo jillian:: enter to win My Memories Digital Suite Scrapbooking Software

  4. amazing amazing pictures! i love the outdoor party picture you posted!

  5. so so lovely! thanks for introducing me to a new blog :)


  6. Love both of those suits! Especially the bandeau - perfect for avoiding tan lines!


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