Friday, June 24, 2011

Guest Post: Strong Sense of Style

I'm flattered that Kristin asked me to guest blog for Ten Scenic Drive.  We started our blogs about the same time and she has been a great resource as I've navigated my way through the blogosphere.  I'm thrilled to be able to help her out while she travels abroad.
I decided to put together my dream beach bag for summer and have pulled many of these items from my ongoing (and everlasting) list of "things I want."  The Calypso for Target floppy topper is no longer available but fortunately I ordered one online before they flew out of the store.

Stop on over to Strong Sense of Style when you have a chance!


  1. such a great beach outfit - i love that poncho! great find

  2. I just spent an hour searching for bracelets like that and came out empty handed! Now I know where to look, thanks!!!

  3. Yes Calypso is awesome! Wish I had that floppy hat!!

  4. Loving that cover up and floppy hat!!
    Have a great weekend!! Hope you're enjoying your time!

  5. That camera is only 67 dollars. Now, by only, that doesn't mean I can afford it - but it's still a good price!!!!! That is on my next wish list :)


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