Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guest Post: Small City Big Mouth

Right now I am feeling a little like the beginning of the infamous Sir Mix Alot song. We all know how it goes. "OH. MY. GOD. Becky, look at that butt". However, I'm not looking at any rap guys girlfriend's butts. I am writing my first ever guest post! Cue the - "Oh my God, Becky, Look at that post, she must be some new-timer blogger".

Yup! That's me! I have to say that I am here all thanks to my dear friend, Kristin, who has inspired me to get off my butt and start writing again via blog. Kristin, who I have known for 14 years now, has just attended my bridal shower in Boston and is now in China doing her fashion thing. AND she has asked little old me to do a guest post! I am super nervous to be writing on such an awesome blog and this is already more writing than Kris would probably like; I have a tendency to ramble when I am nervous, so let me get to the point.

I am a huge dork. This dorkiness has led me to read more than my fair share of books. My dear friend Maggie and I often discuss the fact that no relationship ever lives up to our expectations (except for the one I have that I am making forever in 2 months). We also attribute this to the unrealistic relationships we grew up idolizing through our complete and utter dorkiness. Here are a few books, throughout my ages that made me believe in complete and total unrestricted L-O-V-E. I am in love, so I don't mean to sound critical, but I am talking about believing in the kind of love that does not actually exist. Let's start with the earliest:

BabySitters Club
While I totally wish I could identify with trendy Claudia or laid back California girl Dawn, I simply don't. I always was Mary Anne. Always. Strict parent and therefore a rule follower. That was Mary Anne and that was/is me. However, the one thing that she had that made me hopeful about my future: LOGAN BRUNO. They have the perfect relationship; they both love babysitting, he has an awesome accent, they even get to go to a dance together! However, Logan starts being a little controlling. Out of nowhere, Mary Anne has the balls to put him in his place and BAM. Back to the normal, amazing high school sweetheart relationship they always had.

Made me believe many things, first and foremost - your boyfriend will have the same interests you have. This includes the girliest of interest. At this point in my life it made me believe that my future boyfriend would enjoy the following: a) playing Mall Madness b) gossiping c) making crazy cakes in the shape of fish bowls d) memorizing Disney movies to reenact e) singing show tunes

Looking back, I completely understand that at the ages 8- 10, I may have been looking for a gay boyfriend, but those were the things that were important to me. BSC was not the only piece of literature that made me not understand what a boyfriend, fiance, or husband would be like in the real world. There is quite a list. It was just the first. A quick recap of books that had me longing for a more straight (in retrospect) partner were/are:

Summer Sisters
- relationships are all about sex
Great Gatsby - it doesn't matter if the person you are in love with is married; you are meant to be together
Jane Eyre - your true love will hear you calling them from a different continent

If you made it this far with all of my rambling, thank you! I love Kristin and I am so honored that she trusted me enough to do a guest post! Thanks for all of your wedding help, Krissy!

Small City, Big Mouth

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  1. Oh my, I totally loved BSC! I had every book, belonged to their fan club and had a few movies. My friend and I even started a club in which we babysat for the same people we babysat for before the club. That and Sweet Valley High. Luckily I've moved on a little as an adult!


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