Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Girl Crush: NP

Okay so clearly I am about 4 months behind on this, because girl was everywhere during Black Swan mania, but since I am catching up on the backlog of magazines I have stacked up I just recently came across this spread of Natalie Portman from Marie Claire. How gorgeous does she look?! And I secretly kind of want to be her bff.

Images via Marie Claire


  1. I want to be best friend with her too! I could totally see her going to 185 with us for blue moons and burgers... or laying poolside with me right now ;)

  2. i want to be her, and her friend hahaha. she was so adorable in no strings attached! if you have not seen it, get on it!
    xoxo em

  3. she is SO flawless! i finally watched black swan a few weeks ago, its amazing that she can be so relatable and cool and talented.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  4. These are some absolutely gorgeous pics of her! I found your blog through the Fabulous K Spring Fling. I love it!

  5. She is so beautiful, it's not fair! :) Love these photos, I hadn't seen them yet!


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