Friday, March 11, 2011

You can find me over at a {little} dash of ash today doing my first guest post! Come check out my picks for Ashley's Fab Five Friday series!

I have recently discovered the Weekly Gratitude series featured on some blogs I frequent and decided to join in and share what I am thankful for this week!
  • Thank you to all of you reading this right now (yes you!) for checking out my blog. Your comments make me happy!  
  • Thank you to my friends who helped me move last weekend, because I could not have lifted my mattress and box spring onto the roof and through the 2nd floor window without you and your muscles.
  • Thank you to The Arnold Classic Fitness Expo for being in town last weekend and providing the most awesome people watching ever.
  • Thank you to my desk neighbors Natalie and Hannah, for listening to Ashley and me talk about blogs all the live long day and pretending to be interested.
  • Thank you to my Hunter boots for allowing me to stomp through puddles like a little kid during the past week of non-stop rain to make the miserable walk into work that much more enjoyable.
  • Thank you to Charlie Sheen for infiltrating the entire media world with your crazy-pants antics and making us all feel just that much more normal.
  • Thank you to my fun-loving parents who just celebrated their 57th birthdays by rocking out 2nd row at the Bon Jovi concert...I hope I am as cool as you are when I grow up.
  • Thank you to the weekend...I looooove you I loooove you I loooove you! And I am so happy you are here!
  • Thank you to daylight savings time, because sunshine is awesome and my pale white self is in some serious need of vitamin D!


  1. I love being a regular mention on your blog. keep up the good work!

  2. hahah I love this and I'm not pretending!! (well usually not!)

    have a great weekend!

  3. Your fun-loving parents are thankful for you every day! And Bon Jovi was sooooo cool---i have been singing his songs all week. But Bruce is still our first love and the Boss!!
    Please make your fav brunch for us!!

  4. I'm thankful for girlfriends who pick up the check :-) xx

  5. I'm thankful for owners who don't make me take a bath!

  6. loved your weekly gratitude--I especially feel you on daylight savings! growing up, we never had it in Indiana...but now I've come to love it as an east coaster! happy weekend! xoxo {av}

  7. I am giving thanks to daylight savings as well! I love when we can leave work and have a whole night ahead of us still! PS. I hope one day I am cool enough to have bromley comment on my blog ;) xxoo


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