Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Post: a {little} dash of ash

Hello readers of Ten Scenic Drive, I am Ashley from {a {little} dash of ash}!  Kristin asked me to guest post while she is trend spotting in Miami!! So jealous... can't wait to hear all about her trip!  In the mean time, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite things -- arm candy! :) Last week, Kristin made me a super cute bracelet (see blog post below), so I thought it was only perfect to officially thank her on her blog, as well as share a few inspiration photos of different bracelet combination :)  I'm loving layers of bracelets - two many is the perfect number!  I've noticed lately that every time I am out shopping I pick up a new bracelet and every time I go out for the night I'm stacking them all up! :)  My favorite combination is a chuncky bracelet, a few studded skinny bracelets, a big watch (Michael Kors), and a fashion piece or two (like the bracelet that Kristin made me)!  If I am feeling a little more adventurous, I throw in a few bangles on top!  Enjoy and stop by my blog for my daily inspiration! 

Loving this exact styling!
JCrew Bracelets - my absolute weakness!
Great color - and the buckle is a must have!
For a simple day!
I haven't done the layering on both arms yet -- but it's super sexy!
And... I need that watch! :)     
All images found via {Pinterest} and {Daily Crush}


  1. Oh my I need ALL of those bangles!!
    My friend is in a fashion class and talked about use-per-wear.
    Soo my vote is if you would wear that MKors watch a should buy it!!!


  2. those look great, I love this look I've been looking for great and inexpensive bracelets to create a look like that, so far no look. Guess I need to keep looking.


  3. love both of your blogs!!!

    kristin - i want something similar to your blog design for my blog! did you do it yourself??? please help! LOVE YOURS!

    xo. Christine

  4. gave you an award on my blog!!!
    xoox em

  5. oh, i love piling on lots of bracelets! i sadly often don't feel bold or funky enough to pull off some these super cool looks! i'm new to the world of blogging, please stop by!

  6. great post! lovelove the stacked bracelet look!



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