Thursday, March 10, 2011

Totes Magotes

As I tried balancing a purse, a computer, lunch, a coffee  and a dog while heading out the door this morning, I decided I absolutely need to get myself all one of these supercute spring carry all totes!

1. J. Crew racer tote 2. Fleabags The Original Flea 3. Rebecca Minkoff Cherish Mini tote

Cheers for everyone who got the "I Love You Man" reference in the post title...and if you didn't, do yourself a favor and rent it asap!


  1. bahha totally thought of i love you man when i read this title.. slappin da bass! anyways love the stripe bag! v cute. xoxo jcd

  2. great tote round up - definitely need the Original flea bag!! love the movie reference too, i'm always a quoter of slapstick comedies. I think I have Forgetting Sarah Marshall memorized. Btw, I included you in my top 10s for the week. Hope you are having a great one. xo

  3. LOVE the fleabag! Holy cow, All I can think about is how great that would look with 90% of my closet...

    Hey from your newest follower :)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  4. the original flea bag is perpetually on my wish list. i NEED it!

  5. Super cute! I started my blog about the same time as you. :)

    Strong Sense of Style

  6. so great! love big totes they are perfect for everything!
    xoxo em


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