Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decorate This Space: Dream Kitchen!

I love to cook, love to eat and love having big, family-style dinners! So when Jillian of {cornflake dreams} invited me to be a part of the "Decorate This Space" blog crawl I obviously chose to decorate a kitchen. Growing up, the kitchen in our house was always where the action happened, which I think is why I love spending so much time there! My inspiration for this kitchen came from one of my favorite brunch spots in Columbus, Tasi Cafe. It has a very lofty feel and is the perfect balance of  modern and rustic with exposed brick, cement floors, large wooden tables and brightly colored metal chairs. Tasi also always smells delicious which is a requirement in a dream kitchen of course!

Here are my inspirations for my dream space...

Check out {Aspiring Kennedy} tomorrow for the next stop on the crawl and more great decorating inspiration!


  1. if i had this kitchen, and it was always this pristine, i would cook every day. i love the storage space in the first photo!

  2. love this post kristin!! the storage unit is is the chalkboard wall :) xoxo jcd

  3. This is like my dream kitchen!! Love the combination between dark wood and metal, also love love love the blackboard wall!!!

  4. Oooooh love all these images! Such good inspiration. And i love that the last thing on the shopping list on the blackboard wall is "new husband"...bahahaha

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  5. very cute! did a post on chalkboard and want them!
    kitchens are always the most social place, great finds
    xoxo em

  6. I am the same way, kitchens are my favorite part of every house and usually the hub and where everyone hangs out! Great post!


  7. ok serious, i don't know where to start..the blackboard wall, the french doors, the PEONY...just lovelove this!!



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