Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Brunch: Pancake Heaven

One of my absolute favorite restaurants for brunch is the Clinton St. Baking Company in NYC. Located on the lower east side, this little gem has the best, most delicious, sweet and savory, food coma-inducing brunch EVER. Just the smell of this place is almost worth the hour long wait. Their pancakes and biscuits are absolutely to die for. Obviously, they have been voted "Best Pancakes in NYC" like a gazillion times and that is seriously no lie. 

I literally jumped up and down in Barnes & Noble the other day when I discovered they have released a cook book! Chock full of all of their tasty secrets, this baby is a treasure chest of breakfast gold (and beyond, according to the title). I cannot wait to try them all!


  1. now i want pancakes! can you get hungry asap!

  2. Ok now I am suddenly starving! These look SO yummy! Hope you had a fabulous weekend :) xx

  3. have not been there! must go. xoxox

  4. mmm now I'm hungry for pancakes. so delicious!

  5. OOhh, I should have made pancakes for dinner tonight. they look so good and yummy:)


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