Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

I am a dirty martini girl through and through, no doubt about it. My usual go to: a Greygoose martini, extra dirty with blue cheese stuffed olives. With the exception of the requisite pina colada on the beach, I am not typically one for sweet drinks. I don't like soda and I usually dilute juice with water, but I recently had the most delicious (sweet!) cocktail and I am obsessed! This new found concoction happens to include St. Germain elderflower liquor and pineapple juice, my fave. Introducing the Buttles Bohemian...The perfect not-too-sweet cocktail! 
As far as cocktails go,  a summertime favorite of mine is homemade fruit infused vodka. Infusing vodka is super easy and  you can pretty much create any flavor combination from melon to berries to cucumbers to cinnamon and I have even seen it done with bacon! (Weird or awesome?). Naturally infused vodka is so light and delicious! It tastes nothing like sugary store bought flavored vodkas which use artificial flavoring and sweetener. Add a cute bottle and some ribbon and it makes the perfect hostess gift for all of those summertime parties!

You can find complete instructions for making your own infused vodka here


  1. Lol! Love the title of this post! I usually detest sweet drinks but I gotta say that I am tempted by the Buttles Bohemian!

  2. lets try some elderflower this saturday! team rager!!

  3. I love everything about this post (except blue cheese stuffed oliveS)!!

  4. so great! i'm with you on not being a fan of sweet drinks. i'm all about the extra dirty martini (but hold the blue cheese olives, please). can't wait to try the buttles bohemian and i'm thinking that infused vodka would be a GREAT party gift for the bachelorette party i'm planning!!


  5. yum! looks delicious, i love pineapple juice in drinks. xoxo jcd

  6. We still need to drink the pineapple vodka you made me!! :)

  7. Yum! Those vodkas look delish! I am also a grey goose martini girl (lady?) but not the blue cheese olives. Is the Buttles Bohemian what we had while watching OSU game? If so, it was great!!


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