Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Post: Afternoon Frosting

I am so happy to have one of my new blogger besties, Julie from Afternoon Frosting, guest posting for me today! Julie is super sassy and her hilarious posts on men, food and fashion have me cracking up every day. Have you frosted yet? Enjoy!

Ode To The Boys
I've never been one to compromise what I love to do, or how I like to dress, especially with regards to the boys I pal around with, or my boyfriends of the past. However, there are a few little activities I'd indulge in, and outfits I'd parade around in, that would let my men know not only was I supportive of their favorite activities, but that I actually enjoyed them, too (feigning interest in what your boyfriend likes to do is okay once in awhile, but he'll catch on soon enough and your cool factor will just fizzle!).

Lingerie: If we're not getting laid, we probably don't think twice about what we pull out of our dresser drawers in the morning. However, anything with a bit of underwire and lace generally do two things: They instill an inner confidence (I just feel better in sex-kitten lingerie) and an inner-something else in our boyfriends, but I'll leave that to your imagination.

Loungewear: Women are normally under the impression that they look their best in full-fledged makeup, stilettos and little black dresses, and they're normally right - they do. However, when the football game is on TV, and your man is slouched on the couch with a beer in his right hand, he wants his left arm around his girlfriend in sweatpants. Hang up the LBD, and opt for a comfortable pair of his favorite team's sweats (Victoria's Secret has a killer MLB collection out right now) and breezy cotton shirt. I, myself, am partial to American Apparel's line of crop tops: sexy... but uber comfortable.

The Eats + Activities: Okay, so I've never personally been one of those girls into watching sporting events on television up until recently, but if you understand the game, it's more enjoyable (tolerable), not to mention, impressive. Break out a few of his (and your!) favorite beers, and don't be afraid to grub up on some fast food. A weekend spent this way might not agree with your springtime cleanse, but hanging up the calorie-counter and sporting a pair of sweats will undoubtedly earn you Coolest Girlfriend of the Year award.

...As if you needed it, but still.


  1. love this post! also, come visit columbus!

  2. haha love it! also love the sweats + lacy underthings combo. that'll throw him for a loop ;)


  3. hamburger and sweatpants. I'm there. This makes me laugh.

  4. I love fun loungewear...this is the best!


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