Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Say Cheese!

I love love love to take pictures! I recently treated myself to a fancy D-SLR camera, my first and might I add a MAJOR step up from the point and shoot digital cams I was used to. In learning how to use my new toy I have recently been taking pictures of anything and everything!  Every room of my house,  my dog, my bf, my meals, people on the street, you name it. While it is amazing to click away and get the instant gratification of loading those babies right up on the computer, there is something I miss about the anticipation of old school film. You know the feeling when you would finish off a roll of 36 pics, wind up the film, drop it off and after a few days eagerly go to pick them up to see how they came out? Ahhhhh so good! These days a lot of my photos remain trapped in my computer or get lost in the black hole of facebook and I am long overdue for a marathon photo printing extravaganza! I love displaying gazillions of pictures all over the walls gallery style. The below inspirations run the full range of styles and I honestly love them all! (Although probably not all in one space). I am not quite sure how you would ever move the ginormous frame in the second photo, so that may have to wait until I am in a home that I plan to stay in for quite a while!

Images {1} {2} {3}


  1. Organized Chaos - that is my favorite. So much to look at in the neatest way possible! ;) x


  2. i like all of them! couldn't choose! xoxox

  3. great post! I love the organized chaos one! so cute!! xo Katie


  4. You know I love an amazing gallery of photos - and you picked out some really inspiring images! I think I want that big frame you can't really move! :)

  5. would love to get a d-slr! that 3rd pic is def my favorite.


  6. o how fun! congrats on your new camera :) i love the picture perfect photo wall :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  7. I love all of them! Although I recently tried to arrange my photos in a 'perfect' pattern (like the last) but they all started falling down! I'm taking it as a sign to rearrange them eclectically!


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