Saturday, April 9, 2011

Giving Thanks and a Little About Me...

A few weeks ago Emily from Simply Southern awarded me with the Stylish Blogger award so I thought I would properly thank her here! Emily, a big, fat, giant THANK YOU going out to you! 

As part of winning this award I am supposed to share seven things about myself, so here we go...

{one} I would spend every day at the beach in a bathing suit and flip flops if I could! 
I grew up spending my summers on the jersey shore (the nice, pretty part called Long Beach Island…not the party hot spots of Snookie and The Situation!) and I have been hooked ever since.

{two}I hate tomatoes. 
I like all things made with tomatoes - ketchup, marinara sauce, v8 juice and I even like the sundried version. But I absolutely despise plain old raw tomatoes. I constantly try them again and again, willing myself to like them since they look so delicious and I’ve heard such great things…so far no luck.

{three} I am obsessed with puppies.
I get the Daily Puppy email every day. I have an absolutely adorable puppy rambunctious 2yr old dog who I love…but I still try to convince my boyfriend every day that we should get another one…and then another one…
{four} I wish I had curly hair. 
I have the straightest hair imaginable. I take a shower and my hair dries perfectly straight every time, something that some ladies I know with curls would kill for. My hair can’t hold a curl for anything and I am completely envious of girls with big delicious curls and amazing waves. The grass is always greener I suppose.

{five} I played basketball in middle school and was the only girl on an all boys team
And I was TERRIBLE. I scored exactly one basket all season at which point everybody on the team cheered as if we had just won the national championship game. That was the end of my basketball career.

{six} If there was a competition for sleeping, I would be champion of the world. 
I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere and in any place from cars to the subway to the couch in the middle of a superbowl party (yes it has happened). I have been known to sleep in car rides that last about 5 minutes. When I studied abroad my friends so kindly took photos of me fast asleep on public transportation all over Europe…thanks guys.

{seven} Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and I love theme parties! 
Basically I just like any excuse to get dressed up in costumes. Some of my favorite past Halloween costumes include Wayne from Wayne’s World, a dirty martini, one of the Jonas Brothers, and the yellow bird from  Angry Birds


  1. Youre more than welcome! We should switch hair. because i straighten mine all the time!
    xoxo em

  2. Oh I love these posts! We have so much in common. I too could live at the beach, I spent my summers in Malibu and I have the frowiest mane ever and I've always wanted straight hair. Oh and between the wee hours of the morning on saturday when I got home and this morning, I pretty much slept for 36 hours. We should have a contest :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a cute post! I also get way too excited for halloween….your costumes are hilarious! xo Katie


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