Monday, April 25, 2011

Guest Post: a {little} dash of ash

Hello Readers of Ten Scenic Drive!  This is Ashley from a {little} dash of ash -- Last week Kristin's super awesome boyfriend emailed me and told me he was taking her on a surprise vaca and that she will need a guest blogger for Monday!! Yes, not only did he score major points with a surprise trip to Miami, he also remembered her blog!!! :)  But I did hear he forgot to pack her flip flops! haha... at least he remembered the important things!  Lately, I have seen some fun series around the blogger world that I definitely had to partake in!  I will call mine "Wear that Space"!  There are so many times I see an amazing room or backyard or party that I instantly want to create into an outfit.  With all of the fun colors and elements used in home decor today - you can easily translate that into fashion... and vice-versa!  Today, I chose a contemporary bedroom and created an outfit that matches in color and sophistication.  Hope you enjoy!  Check out my blog {here} for more daily inspirations and more on this series to come!  
xxoo, ashley


  1. I love this! The coral and turquoise are brilliant together. And I just adore those Chanel earrings.

  2. aww how fun! suprise trips are amazing! this post is super cute-- love the bright colors! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. love loving the earings!
    so adorable that you are on a surprise vaca right now!
    xoxo emily

  4. this is soooo great! orange top + the sandals!

  5. These colors are seriously my favorites!!

  6. wow what a nice boy! and this outfit is kilerrrr! the color combo is perfect!


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